Gulf Businessmen Forum in the effectiveness of the Millionaires Business Club Activity 2013

Dubai, 18th January 2013 – Millionaires Business Club launched their first Social Networking Activity for the year of 2013. The lavishing event which took place at the Dubai Polo amp; Equestrian Club, witnessed an overwhelming of Top Business Leaders and Decision Makers in Gulf region, in which they enjoyed mingling while inspecting Polo Match in the field of the Club.

Guests relished the cosmopolitan atmosphere and managed to network, meet interesting business partners, Consultants, Investors from Private and Government sectors; further, discussions were carried on for the purpose for potential Business Opportunities.

Scapa Navy, Event’s main sponsors, enhanced the event’s ambiance of excitement and pleasantness by awarding the winning polo team and providing them with memorial gifts, along with Mr Tareq bin Jumma, Millionaires Business Club’s CEO.

In honour of these efforts, Mr. Tariq Bin Juma, Chief Executive Officer of Millionaires Business Club thanking Main Sponsors of the event Scapa Navy and the Dubai Polo and Equestrian Club, and praising the Club for the successful activities that are distinctive and unique that enriches audience.

Guests event were happy with the idea of Millionaires Business Club and new of its kind in the Gulf region. The Club aim to institute clusters of communications, networking and cooperation among the members of the club for consultation in the various transactions such deals were among business bays, Arabs and Wests and other nationalities.

Guests enjoyed themselves to the point of inquiring about Millionaires Business Club’s upcoming events and the Club closed the event with a great opportunity for the audience to watch and enjoy the victory of the finals UAE Soccer Match for the Gulf 21 Cup.

About ((Millionaires Business Club)):

Millionaires Business Club is a business networking and knowledge building platform that takes your passion and ambition to the very next level. It’s where innovative ideas meet strategic resources to yield a synergy so powerful; it will take every dignitary by surprise. Millionaires Business Club is one of the fastest growing business networking hubs that empowers industry leaders, entrepreneurs, professionals, specialists, and icons to stay one step ahead of their competitors. Irrespective of whether you’re a millionaire seeking a one-of-its-kind investment opportunity, a CEO interested in meeting consultants that can provide resources needed to achieve your goals, or an investor aiming at liaising with the elites in town, Millionaires Business Club can put you through to the perfect resources needed to take on these otherwise complex requirements. In short, Millionaires Business Club is the ideal focal point where talent, resources and opportunities join hands to undertake mutually profitable ventures in a way never anticipated before.

“Millionaires Business Club” is a networking club based in Dubai, UAE and was established in the second half of 2012. It gives the chance for investors, consultants, industry leaders and other parts of interest to meet up and discuss opportunities for projects, consultation and dialogue on the best levels. Moreover referrals with other organization and sharing profitable opportunities will grow the club business and its member’s business.