May 2012

Millionaires Networking Series, May 2012

Ballroom at The Meydan Hotel was packed with guests on the eve of May 30, 2012 as businessmen gathered to attend the soft opening of Millionaires Business Club, a business networking and knowledge building platform. At the occasion, CEO Millionaires Business Club Tareq Ahmed bin Juma explained that the economic indicators are showing signs of a prosperous future for businesses in UAE. The market is expected to generate a lot of demand. He said, “The demand for many products and services will rise, and resultantly this would pave way for newer opportunities for entrepreneurs and talented businessmen.” He also noted, “Research shows that there are more than 420,000 millionaires in this region, and considering the positive economic conditions of the region, this is the perfect time for businessmen to act in the right direction and take advantage of the new opportunities that emerge.”

Organized in light, carefree settings by GMBEvents, the opening brought together several leading businessmen of the region along with consultants and professionals from the corporate world. After an insightful overview of the Millionaires Business Club by CEO Tareq bin Juma along with input from mediator Jeff Price, the night also witnessed two prominent speakers, Phil Bedford and Anesh Jagtiani, come on stage to speak on importance of business networking and referrals.

Guests lauded the Millionaires Business Club initiative as an imminent need of the region. Mark Cooper, CEO DNA-Business Genetics said, “For me, as a CEO of a vibrant and dynamic company in Dubai it is a fantastic opportunity to meet like-minded entrepreneurs, senior business leaders and captains of industry who all share the same passion for success. The Millionaires Business Club is a perfect focal point to share ideas, build networks but more importantly, to table ideas, share challenges and ultimately to find solutions to help generate the value. For me as a young entrepreneur, to be decisive and to have a like-minded group that is full of energy can only be a good thing not just for the business community but for the UAE as a whole.” Tareq emphasized that he had learned the value of networking the hard way after missing out potential opportunities that he could easily have secured through referrals, business contacts, and even close friends and relatives. He had then envisioned introducing a networking club that would allow businessmen to tap such opportunities by formally gathering for events where everyone could openly discuss business. Tareq floated a concept in the hall that was also seconded by Phil Bedford that to become a successful businessman, one has to move around in formal as well as informal business circles. It is only through such events, activities and social gatherings that one gets to truly expand business acumen, get better business opportunities through referrals and word-of-mouth, and engage in mutually profitable relationships with other businesspersons in one’s network. Tareq also welcomed other networkers to come and join hands with Millionaires Business Club, so together they could maximize the potential benefits for the business community. In Tareq’s words, “You’re as powerful as your network is.”

Phil and Anesh, guest speakers of the night, were at their very best. Phil, Managing Director of Referral Institute, revealed that more than 20 percent of business for small and medium business enterprises is acquired through word-of-mouth. Anesh, CEO of Empowering Leaders Group, used personal life examples to shed light on how businessmen could achieve peak performance.

Guests were invited for photograph sessions during and after the event. Commenting on the networking opportunity offered by Millionaires Business Club, Jason Moore, Managing Partner, Gulf and Levant Region of Active Media said, “I think the Millionaires Business Club is filled with a solid mix of leaders, local nationals and expats alike. And led by example with Tareq Ahmed bin Juma.” Kamal Allabouch, Managing Director BPA International said, “I am pleased to see someone step forward, have the courage and the foresight to take the initiative of providing business people with such a valuable networking platform, which is essential particularly in the GCC.”